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Caped Crusaders Party​​

  • Up to 24 Children

  • 2 hours ( Includes Studio Rental of 3 Hours)

  • 2 Party Hosts

  • Capes and Masks for all Children to Decorate

  • Caped Crusader Slime to design & keep as a party favor

  • Web Slinging Practice

  • Table Covers

  • Host family is able to utilize additional tables to setup with own food, drinks and cake.  Gift table is provided.  Seating for up to 30 total guests is available.

  • Setup and cleanup

Calling all Web Slinging Super Heroes!  Let us help you create a Heroic party for your Caped Crusaders Big day.  

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Add more fun to your Party!

Additional Party Host 
Face Painting 1 Hour 
You can also add the following options.  Be sure and contact us for these add-on options & pricing: 

Sand Art

Jewelry Party

Tie Dye Party

Candy Art Party

Canvas Painting Party

Cupcake Decorating

Slimepalooza Party

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