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Host a pArty like no other!

Whether you're looking for a unique birthday party experience or would like to host a party for your own group or organization, we can help.  We have an extensive gallery available for both adults and children to choose a painting of your preference. 

Once you've picked your selection simply send us a message to get started.  We'll need information such as:  Location of your event, Date & Time, and approximately how many guests you're expecting.  Our standard Private Painting Party rate is $30 per attendee (Message us for Large Group Discounts) and each guest leaves with an 11x14 framed canvas to keep.  We provide everything you need to make it an incredible event - you just need a location, tables and chairs and we do the rest. 

Our Painting Party brings the canvases, easels, aprons, brushes, paint and everything else needed for your guests to have a wonderful time (including US!)   Send us a message to get started.   

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