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Kids Night In! (Friday 3/22/24)

Kids Night In! (Friday 3/22/24)

JOIN US Friday Nights at our Studio located in Downtown Mishawaka's Historic District for our Kids Night Out event from 6-9 pm.


Drop and Go!

Our Kids Night Out is all about the kids!  This is a great time for them to socialize and have an evening out while your out enjoying you!

Each Kids Night Out will be different. Each one will offer a craft, 2 pieces of pizza, refreshments, music and fun - and everything is included in the price!  This is for ages 7+ only and we do offer a sibling discount so please call (574-301-9744) for the code if you plan to register more than one child.



  • Kids Night Out Policies (MUST READ)

    By purchasing this item you agree that you have read, understand and agree to the following terms.



    Please be on time when arriving for the class. If you are early wait while previous class is getting ready to leave. Every class is dismissed on time. When picking up your child arrive 5 min before the end of the class. If you like to see what your child is working on or if you have questions for the teacher, please arrive 10 to 15 min earlier to allow sometime before the end of the class. Once children have left their classroom with their parent/guardian or designated transporter, they are the responsibility of that adult both inside and outside of the building. Students must be picked up by a parent or authorized caregiver no later than 10 minutes after the class ends. Neither The Arty People Studios (TAPS) nor its staff can be held responsible for students who are not picked up within this 10-minute window. Students must be picked up by an adult guardian and will not be released to anyone not on the authorized list with valid picture ID. In the event that you have a personal emergency and are unable to arrive on time, you must call the  office at 574-301-9744.  If you are more than 10 minutes late for pickup (9:10 pm), you will be assessed $1 per minute for every minute after pickup which is due at the time of pickup.  STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE OUR FACILITIES WITHOUT CAREGIVER SIGN OUT.



    The Arty People Studio reserves the right to remove students from classes for behavior that is deemed to be rude, disruptive, inappropriate, dangerous, or in violation of TAPS health and safety regulations. Individual instructors maintain the right to dismiss a student from a class with a prior warning, and to remove a student permanently from a class for repeated offenses. In the event of ongoing behavior problems, the student will be dismissed from the TAPS programs altogether with no refund and no access to further programming. 

    Please note: The Arty People LLC Studio is NOT a licensed day-care facility or child-care center.  Our staff, however, is CPR certified and have passed criminal background checks.

    By enrolling in the program, students and their guardians acknowledge and agree that any photos, videos, pictorial images, voice recordings, or quotations taken or created by the TAPS (The Arty People Studio) (including without limitation any taken by any photographer or videographer paid by or volunteering for the TAPS) during or relating to the course are the sole property of the TAPS and may be used in future publications, web pages, promotions, or advertisements, by theTAPS without the need of additional permission from or consideration to the student or guardian.

    By enrolling in the program, students and their guardians agree to release and waive for the student and anyone claiming through the student, all claims based on the right of privacy, right of publicity, moral rights, or any other intellectual property rights related to the rights granted by the student to the TAPS.


    Due to very limited spots in this program, spaces must be paid upfront and there will be no open spaces without reservations.  Cancellations, Changes & Refunds

    • No refunds are issued after the start date of the classes for which you registered.
    • No refunds are issued for “no-shows.”
    • Only requests made, by speaking with staff (please get a name of who you speak with) or by leaving a voicemail message 574-301-9744) within 2 hours of event start will be allowed to reschedule.  No refunds are provided but if this policy is met, we are happy to transfer your ticket to another Kids Night Out event.


    Parking is available next to, and in front of, our building located at 109 E 1st Street for free.  Space is limited but there are several restaurants and venues within walking distance of our facilities to enjoy. .


    TAPS encourages its students to leave all valuables and all personal or sentimental items at home. TAPS is not responsible for loss of or damage to a student’s valuables or personal items..

    Inclement Weather

    In the event of inclement weather, the School makes every effort to announce class cancellations as quickly as possible. Information regarding TAPS class cancellations will be available posted on our Facebook Page and all registered guests will be called to notify when possible. If a class is canceled for inclement weather, there are no refunds however the registration can be transferred to another Kids Night Out.


    In order to protect the health of all, TAPS prohibits students from attending class when ill with a communicable disease or condition such as chicken pox, the flu, head lice, pink eye, strep throat, or symptoms of COVID-19. TAPS  reserves the right to notify parents/ guardians regarding any student who becomes ill during class and to request that said student be picked up immediately. TAPS will require caregivers to sign a waiver at drop-off indicating a clean bill of health and all children will be given an assessment to ensure they are free of any visible illness, including forehead temperature checks.


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