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Open Studio 
109 E 1st Street, Mishawaka

Open Studio is HERE! 

Join us on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays for our Open Studio time! 

Open Studio Hours are from 11:00 am-2:00 pm (We may stay open later if busy), unless otherwise posted on our Facebook page.
See our schedule below:

  • Open Studio will resume in AUGUST.  Dates will be posted

Fall Dates will be posted soon! 
Be sure and Follow Us on Facebook for last-minute changes.



Open Studio is open to the public and we have some great options to choose from to play.

  • You can choose one of our fantastic Art Kits to work on at the Studio or take-home

  • You can enjoy our Open Studio Hour which is $10 an hour.  You'll sign in, get registered and your time will start.  You're welcome to stay and play the entire time or for just any hour, it's up to you.  You can also buy our TAPS (The Arty People Studio)  Open Studio Pass online or purchase our multi-visit cards to save money when you buy multiple hours.  Cards are available for purchase in Studio at 109 E 1st Street, Mishawaka or online.


The Arty People Open Studio focuses on process-based art, meaning we focus on the making and the doing rather than the finished product and children (and those young at heart!) will come home with artwork they feel really proud of. 


What types of projects will be available during Open Studio?
Open Studio attendees will have the opportunity to use a multitude of art materials to create their very own special projects.  There will also be a Special Featured Project each week to spark imagination and fun!  Some of the materials include:

  • Watercolors

  • Markers

  • Crayons

  • Colored Pencils

  • Beads and string 

  • Paint

  • Construction Paper

  • Glue 

  • Sequins, Pom Poms, Gems, Pipe Cleaners, Glitter, Popsicle Sticks

  • Clay 

  • Fabric, papers, felt, Collage making materials 

  • & anything else we think up!  We like to keep it fresh & fun with different stations to work through


Will we be teaching a lesson during Open Studio?

Open Studio is less about a lesson and more about exploration.  It's an opportunity for you, or your child, to let your imagination run wild and be inspired by the environment around them.  If you prefer a more structured setting, we encourage you to come in and purchase an Art Kit which provides everything you'll need to create the painting you select as well as instructions.  These will be available during Open Studio hours.​

Can I use a pass for more than one child?

Sure!  Each hour is counted individually.  For example, if you buy an Open Studio Hourly Pass for 8 hours of open studio and you bring 2 children for 1 hour, you will still have 6 hours remaining on your pass.  Your card will be stamped for however many total hours are used each visit.    You can purchase Open Studio Hours individually or buy an Hourly Pass to save when you buy multiple hours.  Cards are issued in person at our Studio so you'll have a physical card even if you buy the TAPS Open Studio Hourly Pass online.  Please bring your photo ID and email to receive your card..


  • Reserve your time in advance  by calling or just drop-in during Open Studio hours at The Arty People Studio located at 109 E 1st Street, Mishawaka.

  • Open Studio Hour Passes are priced per hour/per maker at $10 an hour. We have plenty of stations setup and something for everyone! Come for an hour or stay for the whole time and come ready to create!

  • For the best price, call to purchase an Open Studio Hourly Pass to save when you buy multiple hours.  

  • Open Studio experiences are designed for you to stay with your child while they create. You may not leave your child unattended.

  • We often offer additional drop-in making times for school closures (holidays, etc), so make sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook or give us a call to stay up to date. 


  • In the spirit of truly "opening" the studio, we will make some changes each week for our guests so they can come to experience our space. While you'll find that some of our projects haven't changed, we'll also add all kinds of new surprises. The Open Studio model allows us more flexibility and playfulness to bring you our absolute best making experiences with something fresh and exciting each time.

  • All artists will be responsible for tidying up their art area before they leave (putting markers away with lids, rinsing out their cups, etc.).  Respect for all materials, teachers, and others is a must.  We are not a "make a mess and we will clean it up" Studio.  We want the students to take pride in their artwork and Studio space.

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